Top Tips on Catering for over 100 guests at your Wedding

Today I welcome KK Catering to the Blog to share some top tips and advice on catering for over 100 guests at your Wedding.

Nowadays everyone has higher expectations of Wedding Food, and in particular the Wedding Breakfast.

Couples are increasingly interested in adding their own personality to their wedding menus and choose more eclectic choices rather than the traditional sit down meal.

Food for some can be more can be more important than all the other tiny details, but when you have a lot of people that can become pricey and their are other considerations that come into play too.

Kevin Anderton shares his wedding catering wisdom…


One major thing we have learnt over the past 15 years at KK Catering is that your wedding day should be all about you and your betrothed.

Unfortunately, it can become less about what you want and more about what you need if your guest list begins to build up.

This is certainly true when the invites start going into triple digits.

According to wedding planning site Hitched, the average reception now features 104 people in attendance.

So how can you cater for all these friendly faces by making sure they have enough room and food on your big day? Here’s what you need to think about when putting your wedding together…


It’s important that you lock down a venue that can accommodate the size of your wedding.

Don’t forget, you’re only asking for your guests to fit into the room – not tables and chairs for them all to sit at.

You risk scaring off some very suitable venues if you insist on a sit-down meal because many just don’t have the space.

Meanwhile, you can have a large guest list and keep the smaller (cheaper) venues on the list if you opt for mobile street food like one of our fish and chip van hire units which your guests can eat while standing up.


Feeding over 100 people could easily blow a big hole in your budget.

This money, unfortunately, tends to come out of funds allocated for the dress, entertainment and venue. A mobile food truck – such as our burger van hire – is the affordable option you could be looking for to balance things out.

What’s more with the average cost of a wedding buffet costing you way more than a mobile catering unit, you get to save money to place elsewhere on your wedding day too.

Plus a mobile street food unit is more than qualified to feed over 100 guests, while not demanding too much from your chosen venue. In fact, the van will relieve space by remaining outside, meaning you can keep putting your own touch on the inside.


According to Stag Web, the number one dream wedding venue is a country house.

It’s also one of the top types of venues we cater at each weekend.

This kind of option – along with other popular options such as barns or castles – can be difficult for guests to get to even though they are usually quite spacious.

Due to this, we have found that brides and grooms are now spending more money on travel to ensure their guests arrive on time via hired coaches.

If you go down this route, you’ll, of course, need to guarantee people a hearty, yet cheap meal to thank them for their attendance.


It can be both difficult and rewarding to accommodate over 100 people at your wedding.

Just remember how important it is that all your family and friends get to see you tie the knot.

Afterwards, you can reward them for attending with tasty food.

With food menus offering street food from all around the world I’m pretty sure we have can help make your event special


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