Bridal Hair – Top Tips and Advice

Just when you thought there was enough Wedding pressure, the burning question comes up, what do I do with my hair ?

There’s so much choice out there and wading through bridal magazines and the internet can make you giddy.

It’s the most important day of your life, and there are some beautiful looks around but remember you need to choose a style that suits your dress and your personality.

There is also the conundrum of what to put in your hair. Hairpins, hairbands, combs , and flowers are popular, as well as the tiara or fascinator, or you can let your hair do the talking without ornament or decoration.

You may have a picture in your mind of how you see your wedding hairstyle, but your hair may not suit the style or the type of hair you have may not work with that particular design.

Top stylist, Karen Ronald of JR’s Hairdressing gives her Top Tips so  that your crowning glory looks its best on your Wedding Day.

“Before your Big Day….. it’s a must to have a wedding hair trial”

“Whether its tumbling curls, or a taut bun you choose to wrap your tiara around, one absolute must is finding the hairdresser that will not only be able to do it, but do it well !
If your regular hairdresser doesn’t ‘do’ wedding hair, then find one who does !
If your hairdresser has little experience of doing wedding hair, then chances are that she will breath a sigh of relief (if she is honest about her capabilities), when you break the news of her not doing yours!”

“Find one who is not only fabulous about doing wedding hair, but also one who gets super excited at the prospect of dressing your hair !
These are the people who know what they are doing, but give some hints to make sure she/he knows what ideas are going on inside your head.
Take pictures along with you of what styles you like, she will be able to eliminate what won’t suit you, and work with what will!”

“Now get organised, salons who carry the ‘great wedding hair reputation’ usually get booked up very early so best to find out if they have availability.
The same applies for Independant stylists.
What is the point of a trial, if they are full on your wedding day !
Book a trial a couple of months ahead of the said day.”

“Let the salon know its a trial for your Wedding, this way the receptionist can allocate the correct stylist and time required to try out a look.”

“Arrive at the salon with clean hair, its very ‘old skool’ to think that the hair is better to work with when not freshly washed.
Products now cater for every requirement to make the hair work, and who wants to walk down the aisle with dirty hair ?!
If time management means you need to wash and dry prior to your visit, then early morning, or late the evening before works too.”

“One trial should provide one look, but if you want more looks , then best to try them on different day/s.”

“On the Day of the Wedding, relax !
Have a glass of wine, or a soothing cup of tea, read a magazine, have your nails painted.
Use the time when your hair is being dressed to just look forward to the day ahead, and escape a little bit from the madness.”

Thanks so much to Karen for sharing her knowledge and expertise.

How about one of these dreamy looks for your Big Day style….

short length wedding hair, short length bridal hair

medium length wedding hair, medium length bridal hair

wedding updo, bridal updo, natural style bridal hair, hair flower

wedding hairstyles long, wedding hairsyle wavy, bridal hairstyle long

medium length wedding hair, medium length bridal hair , birdcage veil in bridal hair


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All Tips and Advice credited to Karen Ronald at JR’s Hairdressing.


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