Wedding Advice – Finding a Wedding Band, and a lowdown on The Zoots!

Today I am thrilled to introduce The Zoots who share some fantastic information on Finding a Wedding Band, and also a lowdown on their fabulous work.




Tips on Finding a Wedding Band

When searching ‘wedding band’, Google delivers over 251,000,000 results, so choosing the right one for you can seem like a bit of a minefield!

– Start by asking your friends and family for recommendations, good bands will be remembered.

– Is there a theme, or a style of song or type of music you prefer? This can help to narrow down your results.

– Book early, we usually get booked at least 12-24 months in advance.

– Do choose a band which performs music to suits all the age groups, remember the older guests too especially at the start of the evening.

– Set your budget, and be realistic, a decent 4 piece band will start from at least £1000 for a Saturday night.

– Do haggle! Bands can be flexible with their fee (within reason)

– Do check any sound limitations at your venue before looking for your band as this could directly affect what band you are able to book.

– Do ask to see your chosen band perform, it’s not always possible but always worth asking!

– Do ask lots of questions, every band should be happy to answer any questions you might have.

– You’ll build up the right rapport with the band which is right for you.

– Do ask to see documents: public liability & PAT testing certificates – every band should have these.


Jamie and Harriet now share a wee bit more information on themselves and their fantastic musicality…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Hello, we are Jamie & Harriet, together we run our wedding bands ‘The Zoots‘ and ‘Jamie & The First Class


When and why did you start your Band?

Jamie and the First Class’ formed in 1999 and ‘The Zoots‘ formed ten years later in 2009.”

“I, Jamie, have loved music since the day I found out what music was, I’ve been performing since I was able, and gigging all of my life.”

“After starting out as a drummer, I began gigging from behind the kit before extend my interest to singing and began fronting my own groups.”

“We work full time to run the groups and spend most weekends performing or touring.”


What inspires you?

“To see people enjoy (and go wild) to the music we’re creating is inspiration itself.”

“It’s brilliant to see an improvement after every show, a better crowd reaction each time.”

“To have such great feedback from all of our performances always inspires us to keep doing what we are doing.”

“When we’re not performing, we go to a lot of other theatre shows, gigs and music performances all over the world to get inspiration.”

“Each of us has a musician we look up to. Last year we managed to see ‘The Who’ perform in Kentucky, Louisville, it was great to see ‘My Generation’ (one of the tracks we perform) live by Roger Daltry!!”

“We see live music whenever we can, talk it, live it, read about it – everything influences and inspires our performances.”


Do trends influence your music?

“We have to keep up to date with music trends, assessing which modern songs will work in our set and which songs will be popular and when, or which songs will even be making a comeback!”

“We constantly listening to and learning new songs, expanding our already extensive repertoire.”

“We keep up to speed with Social media which didn’t exist when the band first started. It’s a great place to find out what people want.”


What is your greatest achievement?

“It is always such an achievement to be recommended and selected to be the band to perform on anyone’s wedding day; one of the most special days of their lives.”

“We have performed over 150 wedding receptions and every time gets better and better.”

“We have performed at some truly prestigious and breathtaking venues for some absolutely wonderful couples.”

“Last year alone we saw some of our greatest achievements; being chosen to to perform at the Re-Live Ricky Ticky event at the Windsor Guildhall, being the only group selected to launch the Angry Birds latest App. ‘Angry Birds Go’ and performing in over 8 different countries too!”

“As a group, being able to do what we love and have a real passion for is an achievement in itself!”


What do you see as the future of the Band?

“We are always investing and growing with both ‘The Zoots’ and ‘Jamie & the First Class’, increasing what we can do, where we can do it and making sure it’s our best ever performance every time.”

“We continue to grow step by step, with every gig we do, upgrading and maintaining our equipment to the highest standard.”

“In the future, we would still love to be doing what we are doing, continuing to get the recommendations and re-bookings we’re getting year after year.”

“We would really like to do some more public performances in local theatres – (watch this space!) and we would love to have a residency in Las Vegas for a couple of months in the future too.”




The Zoots



Jamie and the First Class




Thanks to Jamie and Harriet for sharing some brilliant advice on finding a Wedding Band.

After Venue and dress, the entertainment can be the biggest stressor to couples, and the Wedding band market is huge.

I agree that Wedding showcases where you can meet a band, and see if their sound is to your taste is a great idea.


To Contact The Zoots



Phone: 01672 841257 / 07887 990 400




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