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Your Honeymoon is that once in a lifetime holiday that you want to enjoy to the fullest, and you will want to enjoy every romantic minute, but that can mean many things.

A sun drenched beach, the tuscan countryside, snowboarding in the alps, climbing a mountain, the Australian Rainforest, or a cosy B and B in the Scottish Islands, its all up to individual taste.




Traditionally, it was the Groom that organised this really special trip, but these days its usually a mutual decision. But if you do decide to go traditional, its safest to drop some pretty hefty hints.

Before deciding, its important to consider what you both want out of your time away, a bit like making decisions for the Wedding, so its an experience you will both enjoy.

Budget is a huge player in deciding where to go. Get loads of brochures, and scour the internet for best deals.

Be very sure anything is ABTA bonded. Take the advice of a travel agent, or consider an independant travel advisor.

If you plan to change surname you can get your name changed on your passport prior to getting married, but won’t be able to travel till after, or of course you can travel in your maiden name. Make sure also that you have at least 6 months travel left on your passport before it expires.


Some Tips for Honeymoon Travel

If booking Honeymoon packages there are likely to be some lovely added extra’s at Hotels, make sure your travel advisor is aware.

Make sure you are smartly dressed when travelling as you are much more likely to get an Upgrade this way.

Make sure you let everyone know its your Honeymoon. Love is infectious and you never know what freebies may come your way.

If you are changing your name on Passport beforehand, make sure the name on your travel documents matches.

Many people have made this mistake in the past, and you really don’t want that last minute stress.

Something else that is popular these days is having a Wedding Registry for your Honeymoon, where it can either pay for the trip away   or for some luxury experiences when you are away on your break

Whatever you do and where-ever you go, it will be a beautiful beginning on the journey that is married life.




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