Wedding Catering & the Year of the Feast

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on a new trend in wedding catering – the feast.

I talked to Rosie Watts who recently attended a friends Wedding and was part of this catering experience and she gives her thoughts…

“If I was to ask you honestly, as a guest, “what is your favourite part of any wedding would “watching my loved ones unite”, be a truthful answer?”

“Am I the only wedding guest who is hand on heart waiting for the canapes, multiple courses, and sweet treats?”

“Do not get me wrong, I have shed many a tear over the course of my marathon season of weddings, but none quite so much from the heart as the tears of joy when the cheese board comes out. Brielicious!”

“All jokes aside, I was recently honoured by the invitation to attend a dear friend’s wedding.”

“I’ve known her for years and watched her relationship grow with her beloved better half over the past seven years.”

“They met when we were all students and unlike many other university hook ups, they’ve stuck with it and made their young curiosity form the most incredible, solid relationship.”

“The whole event was a spectacle for the eyes.”

“To give a little background, the pair both came from farming backgrounds and therefore grew up in the countryside.”

“Naturally, as most young professionals tend to do, they eventually left their home county family homes and headed for the big smoke, London.”

“Here not only did they study, graduate, fall in love, meet a host of friends like myself, fall in and out of successful careers, but, most importantly they settled.”

“The reason their story is so important, is due to how it shaped their big day.”

“The wedding was catered and managed by London based luxury wedding caterers, Lettice, who specialise in tailoring weddings to suit the needs and expectations of couples.”

“They clearly listened to every intricate detail of Robin & Sarah’s story as it was so very clear who’s day we were celebrating, the main benefit of having a company take the time to capture and recreate the exact atmosphere that you want for your wedding day.”

The year of feasting!  

“Gone are the days where weddings play by the rulebook, with companies such as Lettice being so readily available for couples, it really does open the opportunities available.”

“The image above is a prime example of how the rulebooks were thrown to one side and personality was at the forefront of all priorities.”

“Of course, the food does most of the speaking at events such as weddings, however, the seating and settings open the doors for real conversation.”

“Robin and Sarah are people people, they have led busy lives in London for the last seven years, you don’t do that without racking up a whole variety of friends.”

“The ‘feasting’ style table was the perfect foundation for what was soon to come.”

“People don’t want awkward seating plans, it’s an instant mood killer. Instead, we need ice breakers and environments that encourage a feasting and sociable mentality.”

“As we prolong our youth and look to marry later than generations before us, naturally, our tastes will change too.”

” I consider myself quite the “young creative”, many of my friends are similar.”

“This wedding truly summed up not only Robin & Sarah’s forward thinking approach to life and love, but catered to all their guests needs too.”

“All the food was seasonal and locally sourced, something very close to both the couple’s and family’s hearts, having grown up in the countryside on farms.”

“You could say this was traditional British cuisine at it’s very best.”

“The long feasting style tables were continuously filled with delicious sharing boards and platters for us to all dig into.”

“The sociable and inclusive nature of this style of eating is so very current.”

” My absolute favourite platter was the combination of Italian cured meat, fresh seasonal tomatoes and the winning combination of mozzarella and figs.”

“As you can see below, not only a taste sensation but a feast for the eyes too.”

“I find this style of eating full of innovation and unlike the traditional three courses that limit you to one choice, this is an experience.”

“I knew what I was eating was first class, there was no quality lost in simply showcasing the food this way, it only served to make the experience far better.”

“I’m sure many late 20 somethings will relate to the familiarity of this story, we are a generation caught up in the hustle and bustle of modern day life – all craving the traditional simplicity of great food and even better company.”

“We’re so used to being on our feet moving from one thing to the next, the thought of sitting and abiding by order no longer appeals.”

“We want cheese we can tear and share, only cheese that is worthy of instagram, of course.”

“We live such visual and fast paced lives – our celebrations are no exception to this.”

“Lettice sucessfully captured the passion and energy of not only the Bride and Groom but of their guests too.”

“If you love beautiful things and pride yourself on nothing less than perfection, perhaps a wedding caterer is the perfect choice for you.”

“What I discovered about Lettice is that they dedicated 100% of their time into this big day – there was far more to this spectacle than just the food.”

“This day was a celebration of fulfilled life, luxury and above all else…the most incredible love!”


You can contact them for your own celebration and experience the great trend of feasting for yourself ~ Website   Blog Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram



Rosie Watts is a Digital Marketing Consultant at ThoughtShift, Brighton.

She has a love and passion for all things digital and creative!

Writing widely about, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and most importantly, weddings.

She loves nothing more than sharing top tips and advice.

With a background in film production and cinematography, she brings a creative approach to all work and has written a variety of engaging articles online.


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