Wedding disco or Wedding band: which is best for your special day?

Today its my pleasure to welcome the Alive Network to give some great advice on Wedding entertainment, and pose the question, Wedding disco or Wedding band: which is best for your special day?

Nothing says “This is a great wedding reception” better than a dance floor packed with family and friends getting on down all night long!

The question is for you, which will get everyone up and dancing more, a wedding DJ or a live wedding band?


Wedding Disco Delights

A wedding disco is a classic choice, especially when you hire an experienced DJ who can judge the mood of the party and play just the right tracks at just the right time to keep everyone on their feet.

Thanks to laptops and lightweight hard drives, your professional DJ can carry literally thousands of tracks in a small bag, and access them quickly and easily to keep the party going.

A top wedding DJ will be more than happy to take requests, and if their collection doesn’t include your favourite, they may be able to download it.

Wedding DJs usually bring their own lighting and PA systems, so they can set up in almost any space available (and yes, this set-up can include lasers, LED lighting and even a mirror ball if you want it.)

Most DJs will prefer to be on a raised stage if possible, simply so their equipment is safely out of foot’s reach when the conga line starts!

Party DJs can usually integrate their PA equipment with any sound-limiting system your venue might have, which is often required to comply with local authority noise regulations and a condition of the venue’s live entertainment licence.


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Loving those Live Wedding Bands

Live bands bring all the energy and thrill of a live concert to your wedding reception.

Wedding bands, often known as cover bands or function bands, play all the music you know and love, from the 1960s rock n roll Beatles classic to modern day hits by bands such as the Kings of Leon.

Just like a wedding DJ, most bands will ask you about your guests, their age range and their musical tastes (if known), so they can tailor their sets accordingly.

Remember that it’s not just about the music you love, your band should be able to play music everyone will enjoy, from youngest niece to eldest great-grandparent.

The best function bands for hire will have lots of songs in their repertoire, so they can swap around what they play if required.

Live bands must keep their volume levels in check too if a sound limiting device is fitted, so most offer a ‘reduced volume’ set which features electronic drums and reduced amplification.

Unless you like your music cranked up to 11, chances are you and your guests won’t even notice the difference, and you won’t have problems with irate neighbours or upset venue managers.

Most wedding bands like to perform on a raised stage for the same reasons as a DJ; your guest’s safety and theirs.

All bands will bring their own PA system, and most have their own lighting as well.

So you’ll get a proper show by performers who love what they do, and that infectious energy and energy ensures your guests really enjoy themselves too.


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Taking a well-earned break

Both your wedding DJ and your wedding band will require a rest or two during the evening, so they can take a breather and your guests can keep the bar staff busy!

Many couples worry that this will leave a bit of a ‘gap’ in the entertainment, so most DJs offer a lower level self-running mix of popular music while they take a rest.

Live bands have seen how useful this is, and so many now offer a DJ Package option, which comprises of one band or crew member acting as a DJ in between sets and playing tracks from a laptop or iPod through the band’s PA system.


Compare costs for wedding bands and wedding DJs

Most DJs perform solo or with one crew member to help, whereas the most popular function bands consists of at least four musicians and maybe a crew member.

So, as you’d expect, the fees for a DJ are usually lower than for a live band.


At Alive Network Entertainment Agency, you can hire a professional wedding DJ from as little as £250, although more experienced wedding DJs tend to charge £350+.

Rock and pop function bands can be hired for as little as £650, although the most popular bands charge at least £1200 (and are usually booked a least six months in advance).

At Alive Network, you can make a wish list of your favourite DJs and function bands, and listen to the wedding bands in action playing demo tracks or on video.

You can check each wedding DJ or band’s availability online, and get an instant quote too, so you know exactly who you can have on your chosen date, and how much they charge.


In the end, it really is a matter of personal choice; if you love that disco/nightclub vibe, choose a DJ.

If you love the energy and excitement of live gigs, choose a function band.


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