Wedding Jewellery Fashions – Trends for 2014

Today I am thrilled to share some great 2014 wedding jewellery trends for what looks destined to be an exciting year.

You will find there is some repetition from last year’s most popular styles, as well as new looks to enjoy.



Wedding jewellery styles for the new year will be a vibrant mix of old and new.

Vintage fashion and classic designs will mould with today’s most popular contemporary styles in unique settings, colors and themes.

One of the biggest trends this year will be nature motifs such as flowers and animals.

Coloured gemstones and pearls are still rocking the runways, and the continuation of last year’s lacy dresses will also cross over into the world of bridal jewellery.



Classic vintage rings and art deco settings are a big trend in 2014.

Contemporary ring settings will still be popular but they will take a backseat to the vintage aesthetic.

The geometric shapes and lines associated with art deco will be a prominent conversation piece amongst brides looking for the perfect ring.

Also reminiscent of this time period and the recent “Gatsby” craze is long tassels, pearl strands, statement earrings and lacy inspiration.

Many brides are choosing vintage styles not just for their antiquated beauty, but also because choosing antique or vintage styles is a great way of being conscious of the environment on your wedding day is another popular trend for 2014!





Pearls are always a classic fashion statement for bridal jewellery.

This year, multi-strand necklaces are extremely popular.

For a contemporary twist, many jewellers are adding beautiful sterling silver or gold floral statements to pearl necklaces, either in the middle of the pearls or off to the side of the necklace for a unique and modern twist.

For 2014 we will also be seeing strands of pearls in more non-traditional colours like blush and champagne. Coloured gemstones will also continue to be a popular choice for the new year.





Bridal bracelets are all about the minimalist statement this year.

A bangle with a single pearl or a metal floral element is a beautiful choice.

Since the bracelet is not front and centre like earrings or a necklace, it is a simple and understated after thought for the 2014 bride.

Slipping a little something blue into your bracelet is also a classy way to keep with tradition in the new year.

Coloured gemstones in shades of blue like aquamarine could be a beautiful pairing with gold or silver.

“Mixed media” jewellery styles that include pearls, chain, lace and other materials will also be a new contemporary style to watch out for.

All over lace wedding gowns and dresses with fluttering fabric are all the rage this year.

Mimic the look of your dress with an eclectic blend of jewellery dripping with style and sophistication from your head to your toes.




Dramatic statement earrings will be at the forefront of jewellery fashions in 2014.

Whether you pick a dazzling, large stud, or an ornate dangly earring, everyone will notice them during the ceremony.

Again, pearls and floral themes will be popular, as well as sparkling opals for some classic vintage charm.

Art deco designs in metal will also be a fun fashion statement to wear in your ears.

Again, coloured stones paired with diamonds are another great choice.

Think emeralds surrounded by diamonds or a black pearl surrounded by smaller gems.

Vintage style oval settings will be popular as well as diamond encrusted chandelier earrings for a dramatic look.




This new year’s bridal fashions are all classy and timeless choices.

Go art deco with your jewellery and sport long tassel necklaces, statement earrings and a large geometric ring with bold lines.

If that’s not your style, go for the minimalist approach and wear striking yet understated pieces that showcase the gemstones and glitz more so than the intricate designs found in art deco.

Whatever style you choose, there is a wide variety of ultra chic bridal jewellery that will perfectly complement your personality.


Author Credit

Abra Millar is  a writer for Jamieson & Carry.

Jamieson & Carry are a jewellers in Aberdeen offer a range of wedding jewellery as well as consultation processes to help clients make the right individual choice.


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