Wedding Jewellery: The Right Necklace and Earrings for Every Neckline

Today I am delighted to share some advice on finding the right necklace and earrings for every neckline.

Selecting the right style of necklace and earrings for your neckline isn’t as easy as it sounds, but then again it isn’t always that difficult either.

If you prefer to wear clothing with a particular style of neckline then you’re going to find it easier than others to select a necklace or pair of earrings

Although if you like to wear clothing with a variety of different necklines, as many women do, then you’ll need to understand which earrings and necklaces work with which necklines.




Boat neck / off-the-shoulder neckline

These necklines are very similar so they can be discussed together, as both have a wide, slightly curved neckline that goes past the collarbones and hangs on both shoulders, though where boat necks are high, off-the-shoulder necklines are low.

Fashion experts are generally of the mind that when you’re wearing a boat neck or off-the-shoulder dress your necklace should either be much shorter or much longer than the neck.

With regard to earrings, circular earrings like hoop earrings are a good selection, as are studs, like the black diamond studs that go with absolutely everything.


Deep or plunging neckline

This style of neckline is a low neckline and quite a revealing one too, since it’s one that shows off plenty of cleavage.

This is a popular style of neckline, particularly amongst women with ample cleavage to work with, and with regard to earrings and necklaces, fashion experts who know a thing or two about matching accessories with clothing are of two minds on the matter.

Some feel that a lengthy, though not too lengthy, necklace is the right choice, whilst others are of the mind that too much glitter will detract from the effect of revealing cleavage and the dress and that accessories like earrings, like huggy earrings and studs, would be a much better choice, as would be a bracelet.


Sweetheart neckline

A neckline that accentuates and emphasises the bosom rather than cleavage, sweetheart necklines also offer a lot to work with because of there’s plenty of bare skin.

This neckline has a curved bottom edge and is usually ‘double scalloped’ so as to resemble the top half of a heart, with the side lines converging on the neck.

Fashion experts advise wearing a chunkier necklace or pendant with this style of neckline, perhaps one with a stone that matches the colour of the dress.

Earrings of any style can be worn with this style of neckline, so if you’re shopping for a new pair of earrings to wear with a sweetheart neckline dress.

These are three of the most popular necklines worn by women, and in addition to these there are also halter necklines, jewel necklines and surplice necklines, all of which can be easily coordinated with earrings and necklaces when adequate thought has been given to which item of jewellery suits which neckline best.


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Thank you to Georgia Warren  who is wrote this lovely advice post.

Georgia is a writer from The Diamond Store, a business based in London that is dedicated in providing a range of engagement rings and other jewellery pieces.

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