Wedding Music – A Musical Memory

Choosing your Wedding Day Music is a big deal.

There is  so much to think about with choices of Ceremony Music, Drinks reception music, any music during the meal and then usually the really important musical choice…for the reception.

Spend a good bit of time planning the music, and look beyond the boundaries of your normal tastes…your choice has to span generations and provide an atmosphere of good cheer.

When planning for your Ceremony you may wish to have music  prior to the Ceremony as a prelude. This can be in the form of a harpist, string quartet, organist or even a CD.

In Scottish Weddings a piper is extremely popular for welcoming the Guest and in some cases piping a Bride up the aisle.

You then have to think of your processional music [for going down the aisle] and your recessional [coming back up the aisle] and what style and by what form you wish this to take.

You may wish to entertain your guest with some sort of musical interlude during the Drinks reception, a string quartet, pianist or vocalist is a great choice for this time.

Once the formality of the day is over, and you have enjoyed your delicious Wedding Breakfast, a very important decision that will impact on the day and especially your Reception  is your choice of Wedding Band or Wedding D.J.

A Wedding Band or D.J. can make the evening go with a swing or can ruin the whole atmosphere so you need to think about the ambience you want to set and the  kind of celebration you are want to create.

Most bands will be able to send you a recording of their music or provide you with a setlist  but its really important to hear a Band play. Many Bands have Showcases where you can go along and hear them prior to the Big Day.

Recommendation of family and friends is always a bonus but the music has to be right to suit you, and what many may think is great for them may be a party killer for you. You may also want to think about the age range of your guests as you may adore rock or heavy metal but you can be sure Granny won’t.

When looking into bands and Wedding Music there are lots of questions to ask and this will include what do they charge?, how long they play for? how much of a break do they take? how much of an input can you have with setlist e.g. can you give them a playlist of your favouite songs or those of your guests?

In Scottish Weddings a Ceilidh is extremely popular and makes for an incredibly fun Reception, especially when out of towners try to learn new dances which can be notoriously tricky.

One other important thing to do once you have chosen your band or D.J. is not only to give them a note of the First Dance song,  and choosing your first dance can be an incredibly difficult or really easy choice.

The important thing is to choose something that has a personal meaning to both of you for whatever reason that is, and one that makes you happy.

There is also tends to be a lot of pressure today for the first dance to be smooth and choreographed.
Of course, you can take a class to improve your fancy footwork, but who cares about trodden toes, it is really about just being together, and being in love.

Most couples tend to learn the staples like the Waltz, the quickstep, but you can be a little different and choose a more spirited dance like the Mambo, or to a song you particularly love with a more catchy vibe.

If you are really worried about it you can enrol in a class to hone that 1st special dance to perfection.

The traditional pattern followed is that the Bride and Groom dance first, and then are joined by parents, and the other Bridal Party members.
During the first dance, the best man tends to dance with the Chief Bridesmaid, and the other Bridesmaids with any ushers.

Fantastic Perthshire photographer Shaun Ward shares his thoughts on first dances –

“One of the parts of the wedding I look forward to the most is the first dance the bride and groom have at their reception. This is the first time I really see them relax and may be the first time they have a chance to take in what has happened during the day.”

“Personally as the photographer I am trying hard to create something unique that captures that moment when they forget about what is around them.”

A first dance is a moment that people worry about for months, but with a little preparation you can dance into a beautiful future and your Wedding Music will be a beautiful musical memory.

Image Credit 1- Ceilidh Experience

Image Credit 2- Shaun Ward


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