Wedding Suppliers and budgeting for your Big Day

Today I want to focus on Wedding Suppliers and budgeting for your Big Day, and examine in a small way why Weddings cost as they do.

You may come to look at your Wedding Budget and wonder how something can cost a particular amount, but what you don’t see is the many things that contribute to why something costs what it does.

You have to work out what is best for you as a couple and what you can afford to make your Big Day everything you imagined and we pass on a little advice to guide you.


The average wedding is now estimated to be costing happy couples around £27,000, with a poll by Barclays finding that 35% wish they had budgeted more effectively for their wedding day; which is not surprising given that many overspend by an additional 30% on their total estimated cost.

Weddings are a personal affair, as is the amount that each couple chooses to spend on their special day and what they deem as a cost worth paying for.

While one couple may feel one quote to be of reasonable value, another may find that cost to be out of their budget – however, it’s all down to the personal value an individual places on their wedding.

After all, a wedding day is about you and your husband or wife-to-be, not how much, or how little, you spent.


However, regardless of your budget size, no one likes to be surprised with financial matters which is why it’s also advisable to ensure that you have thoroughly planned how much you need to save towards your special day and a rough costing for each element.

The Wedding Calculator takes couples through a set of questions, which then provides brides and grooms with an idea of how much they can expect to pay, if couples already know the cost then they can add this in.

Marriage is a chance to celebrate your love for one another, regardless of how much you spend on your day.


All Wedding Suppliers that play a part in your Big Day are worth their weight in gold in helping the day be everything you hope for and more but today we focus on just a few and the reasons why weddings costs  as they do…



The happy memories of your wedding day will last a lifetime, and the photos you have from the day will tell the story behind each happy moment that’s captured.

A wedding photographer is one of, if not, the most important suppliers that you will hire.

Yes, your family and friends will no doubt be snapping away too, but a photographer will be able to lend their professional eye and ensure that you get the very best shots.

While you may have an idea of the kind of photos that you want to take on your wedding day, a photographer will be able to scout out locations in your venue and its grounds (including another option if the weather turns ugly), set up photos on the day and be there for around 10 hours, edit your photos and create an album for you to look back on.

Now imagine having to do all of this yourself or direct a family or friend on a day where you want to be able to relax and soak it all in.

Do yourself a favour, and hire the professional instead.

Look for a photographer that allows you to be flexible with your package and tailor it to your day and needs.


Many Weddings start with Pinterest, and with many couples taking inspiration from the flower arrangements they find online – a florist is a must if you want to recreate your favourite floral look.

A florist is on hand to advise you on which flowers will be in season at the time of your wedding, as well as recreate your desired look.

However, it’s always best to be aware that not every bouquet can be replicated exactly – but remember that your florist is on hand to give you added inspiration, advise what is and isn’t possible and share their expert advice on colour schemes and texture combinations.

A florist isn’t just on hand to share their knowledge about all things fauna and flora either. They can help to create your centrepieces, advise what will go best with your venue and give you added inspiration.

Flowers are more often than not the centrepiece of a wedding and will ensure that your wedding venue is decorated to perfection.

They often spend hours consulting a couple, drawing up mood boards and presenting to clients, before they source the flowers, create the bouquets and centrepieces off-site, before dressing a venue.

Flowers, ribbons, candles, wire and more – all go into turning your venue into a unique design just for your special day.

Cake Supplier

Many often cry out ‘it’s just a cake’ when faced with the cost of a wedding cake, but just like the flowers, a wedding cake is one of the most traditional elements of a wedding and a focal point of the whole proceedings.

Traditionally, the top layer of the cake was saved for a christening of a couple’s first-born child, with the cake cutting by the bride and groom an age-old tradition which has stood the test of time.

While it may be tempting to enlist a friend to bake a three-tiered number for your big day,  that is fine if they are used to creating cakes of this magnitude.

However a professional will be able to use quality ingredients to make a work of art, and while you may scoff at the price, remember the hours it takes to add fiddly flowers, minute decorative details and the care taken to transport it to your venue.

It’s money well spent for a delicious and beautiful cake on your wedding day.


Of course, this list is not exhaustive,  and each – and EVERY – wedding supplier is integral in making your day run as smoothly and beautifully as it possibly can.

Your budget is personal to you and hopefully the budget calculator can give you a little idea on average spends and what you can expect to pay  based on your needs

While we have only mentioned a few wedding suppliers here, it’s certainly worth using a professional to ensure that the start of your life as a married couple goes without a hiccup.


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