Where to Honeymoon in August

Today Buy Our Honeymoon continues their series taking a look at the best places to go on honeymoon month-by-month — and where to avoid!

We’ll even suggest some of the best ideas to add to your honeymoon gift list for your chosen destination.

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August is one of the most popular months for a wedding in the UK– mainly because of the high chance of good weather.

But when it comes to honeymoon planning, you need to consider that August is peak school holiday time: airports are busy and good deals are hard to find.

If you’re looking for a bargain, it’s best to delay your departure until the very end of August, after most families have arrived home.

Puglia, Italy

When it comes to Europe in August, it’s important to be picky.

You don’t want to spend your honeymoon swamped by the crowds, the overwhelming heat and – let’s face it– all the kids on their summer hols.

A great choice in Europe would be the fascinating southern Italian region of Puglia which boasts historic towns and superb unspoilt beaches.

The Lecce region has some of the best beaches, and the historic town of Lecce itself is amazing— rich Baroque architectural monuments and glorious amounts of traditional cuisine.

Along the coast the stunning town of Gallipoli has wonderful beaches with various shades of blue and turquoise!

Enjoy the white sands of Punta Pizzo – a stunning bay bordered by pine trees giving shade to the summer heat.

A great honeymoon gift idea would be a day of olive oil tasting, as Puglia produces more olive oil than anywhere else in Italy.

honeymoon, honeymoon fund

honeymoon, honeymoon fund

Northern California

What could be more exciting than a California fly-drive honeymoon?

While much of the US is much too hot and humid in August, northern California is glorious.

San Francisco is a hoot: ride the cable cars, visit Alcatraz, hike the Golden Gate bridge. It’s a blast for fun seekers.

Then hire a convertible and cruise from San Francisco to Napa Valley.

The harvest season is beginning in Napa and Sonoma so you can see how the wine is made.

The end of August is packed with activities and wine tastings but it’s no longer quite peak summer crowds.

A fantastic honeymoon gift idea would be one of the bottles of wine you saw made (or two).

honeymoon, honeymoon fund

honeymoon, honeymoon fund


August can be tricky if you really want a beach paradise honeymoon, because for many classic destinations it isn’t the best time to go.

One of the best choices for an exotic honeymoon in August is the Seychelles: it has some ofthe world’s best beaches, the weather is wonderful and it won’t be busy with families.

August is a relatively dry month here, but it can be a bit breezy —so it’s a great time for windsurfing and surfing.

Anse Source d’Argent Beach in La Digue is one of the most beautiful — and photographed —on Earth.

They say the hour before sunset is the most spectacular.

An amazing honeymoon gift idea is private beach dining served at dusk, to enjoy your own piece of heaven.

honeymoon, honeymoon fund

honeymoon, honeymoon fund,

Destinations to avoid in August

Avoid the Caribbean, as August marks the start of the hurricane season — plus it tends to be hot and humid.


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