Why Wedding Suppliers are Superheroes but why you can’t expect them to be

Today I want to talk really honestly about why Wedding Suppliers are Superheroes but why you can’t really expect them to be.

A Superhero is a type of heroic stock character who possesses supernatural or superhuman powers and who is dedicated to fighting wrongs, protecting the public, and usually battling all that is bad.

A Wedding Supplier works for the good, does their best to do whatever is in their power to make wedding days as special as they can, working ethically with good business practices and going above and beyond.


The Wedding Industry is made up by all sectors of society – genders, sexuality, ethnicity.

All with different qualities and strengths but all real people, human beings.

Real people have faults, they have problems, things can unexpectedly happen to them, just as it can to you and me.

But sometimes wedding suppliers seem to be ranked on this whole other level of supposed unfalability.


Expectation can be a mysterious entity.

We live in a rose tinted world where the instagram or pinterest perfect lifestyle is something that is the ideal.

There is probably no other life event that gets as idealised as a wedding and with that expectations can range from high to astronomical.

With that you will ride on a virtual tidal wave of emotions and sometimes objectivity can become very skewed.

Failure to deliver can put a supplier on par with a criminal in the way that they can be treated never mind the reason.


Putting on a face and soldiering on is quite normal as for most wedding suppliers they don’t have a choice.

Their job is to be there, to do a good job, to make people feel safe, to inspire, to educate through this frankly overwhelming time for couples.

You have no idea the enormous feelings of guilt when things happen to them that make work/life balance difficult and put in jeopardy .their commitment to you.


Society perpetuates this guilt with the seeming expectation that wedding suppliers should be available 24/7.

I have all too often seen Brides upset when the suppliers they have emailed at 10pm haven’t got back to them straight away.

But I ask you how would you feel if your were expected to take time out from your personal time to answer something that could very well wait till working hours?


The Suppliers you place your trust in are going to play a pivotal role in shaping your vision of your day.

All too often though we only hear the bad stories of the person that let someone down, not where suppliers have exceeded our expectations.

And while unscrupulous people do exist (as with any profession) sometimes failure to deliver is when something has unexpectedly happened and is a situation completely outwith their control.

I would like to share the personal story of Danielle of The Wedding Hub to help illustrate how far some suppliers go, what some supplier face but still have to carry on…


I try so hard to be real, to be authentic. I do this so that my clients can connect with me, so that they can understand that I’m a person too.

Over the years I have seen this industry tear some of my friends to pieces, I’ve seen and heard clients bad mouth and belittle companies because they’ve failed to deliver on something.

Social media can be a wonderful resource but it can also be damaging for us small business owners.

Social media and life in general is 24 hours, 7 days a week, it’s fast moving and cut throat but because our lives are this way we’re expected to be on call whenever it’s demanded.

When you work in the wedding industry that pressure is amplified for a supplier, so much more is expected of us.

I’m very open about what goes on in my life but not everyone is as comfortable with doing that.

We continue to do our work sometimes under extreme circumstances because we know how important your wedding day is to you.


I lost my sister Emma to cancer 3 years ago.

Whilst I was helping to nurse her even near the end I would be sat beside her bed sticking, gluing and tying stationery together because I had orders to fulfill.

Between having to do the school runs for our children and watching my mum and younger sister feed or wash Emma I was still answering my phone and organizing a wedding event, my clients still mattered.

It’s difficult to explain to someone on the other end of a computer screen or telephone that you’re running a little behind with their order or having to apologise that you’ll need to reschedule their appointment all whilst trying to maintain trust and professionalism because you want and sometimes really need to keep their business coming in…

It’s not like we can call in sick or pass it on to someone else to deal with. That’s the nature of self employment…




We as society have a responsibility, to ask the questions of our wedding suppliers when we book them….


What happens if you are ill?

What happens if you are in an accident?

What happens if you have a family emergency?

Do you have a recommended and trusted person in your field that can step in should a situation happen?

Do you have Business Insurance?

Its a couples responsibility too to have Wedding Insurance and a Plan B.


It has to be remembered that life happens to all of us.

The same way that the economy, the government, family issues, emotional upset, illness, bereavement, and a never ending list of situations can derail us, it has the same effect on those that shape your special day..

Day in, day out these amazing humans go further than we ever thought they could sometimes through intolerable difficulty ~ they perform those superhuman feats.

It has to be remembered though that your wedding suppliers are human beings, they don’t have superpowers, though it can feel that that is what is expected of them.

Just like Danielle wedding suppliers aren’t immune to Lifes events, most of the time they feel they have to but I ask you, is that really fair?


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