“You are your own Alternative” – Challenging the definition of the Alternative Wedding

Its something that has always intrigued me.. what exactly is the “Alternative Wedding”?

It can probably be defined as non traditional, quirky, creative and about the independent couple but today I want to challenge the way we see weddings.

Over the last few years I have seen lots of social media from wedding suppliers “looking” for these so called alternative Weddings or couples.

The Wedding Industry kind of gets a little bit obsessed with being different all the time which is good in a way as it keeps things interesting.

Keeping an open and exercising the creative mind is great, but not to the detriment of those wanting something a wee bit more traditional.

I get terribly cross seeing the words “cookie cutter wedding” and that being labelled as something to avoid at all costs.

Who are we to decide what is right for anyone, and who are we to say people are less than if they want a day that is traditional.

My view is that being your own alternative is making your day unique to you in whatever form that is.

Don’t get me wrong, I live and breathe Weddings in all their genres, sexualities and religions,  and I adore all the vibrancy, creativity and general amazingness that is around us.

I also love all the wealth of talent that is out there, with new and promising people coming through all the time, but certain things make me a bit cross.

Firstly the words “Unique” and “Alternative.”

Unique to me is about whats individual to a couple. That in itself makes them unique.

You don’t have to categorise yourself with a genre or theme to have a great Wedding, you just have to stay true to yourselves.

While your Big Day might have similarities to others, it is instictively your own as there is no-one the same as you as a couple.

And my view of “Alternative Weddings” means putting your own stamp or spin on things on it, even if that means going down the road of what is seen as some as “Fluff” or tradition.

I don’t even like that description, what might be one person’s fluff, might be one person’s perfect.

Wherever your inspiration comes from. it all comes down to what is right for you, and not anyone elses opinion about what particular sector of Weddings is best, or coolest, or defining.

You just have to be your own brand of Special !

Secondly, I pride myself in not sticking myself in a genre, I would rather be all encompassing, and open to all kinds of ideas.

Every day I see things that really open my eyes, and I think Wow, what an industry to be a part of !

Sometimes because the Blog is eclectic it can be seen as not the most enlightening, or focused enough but I would much rather be me, and do what I believe in, which is inspiring people to get exactly what they want, WHATEVER  way they want it.

That means sharing Weddings from those that are tradition rich to the most zany.

I share some thoughts from some Wedding Industry professionals…

“Every Bride should be true to herself and plan her wedding without feeling the pressures of having to “tick boxes” to show everyone else that they conform to societies perception of cool.”

Another says “It shouldn’t matter if you are crazy alternative or traditional – there is SO much pressure to be original and ‘unique’ in weddings now, and it turns what should be a day of fun and celebration into a competition of coolness & originality.”

“I love the wedding industry for the potential to keep things interesting and creative, & love seeing individuals interpretations of their special days.”

“But not if its meant they have had an absolute nightmare getting to that stage – take a step back ladies, and enjoy what it is you’re there for in the first place!”

The Wedding Industry in the UK is huge, and has room for everyone and their own ideas, whoever and what ever they may be.

As a friend of mine said recently, without the supposed “Fluff” or Tradition that the Wedding Industry is largely made up of, then there wouldn’t be an industry to be different in, and to shine out as something shiny and new.

Different is good, I surprise myself sometimes by what I see, and what I like but this industry is built on all kinds of wonderful in whatever shape and form that is.

When it all comes down to it YOU are your own alternative.

You can be your own trendsetter and you can assert your own identity all over your Big Day.

Being your own beautiful self, being authentically you makes your Wedding alternative anyway as there is no one quite the same as you.

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