Your First Dance – Tips to make it memorable and right for you.

Today I am excited to share some great First Dance advice from Adam at The One Hit Wonders Band .

On your Wedding Day the spotlight is on you throughout the day and for some people that can be a little intense.

After the Ceremony and speeches the First Dance is probably one of the most nerve wracking times of the day so this advice is great for helping you choose music special to you and your partner.




I hand over to Adam to share his pearls of wisdom,


For a while I’ve noticed that the first dance seems to be the last moment of panic on the big day, the notion of all your friends and family watching you having a little jig with your new other half bringing fear and dread to even the most hardened of clients we come across.

It got me thinking – what would be the best ever first dance song and what would you need to consider to give it such a title?

I quickly realised that to even consider the best ever first dance song was a stupid thing to do as even thinking about the songs we have played the differences are totally extreme.

So I thought instead about some things you might want to consider when picking that all important first dance.

**Disclaimer** If you have ‘that’ song, the one that has followed you around ever since you first clapped eyes on each other, that even the first note of the introduction is so recognisable that it sends you into misty eyed memories then this blog post isn’t for you – you can relax and bask smugly in the knowledge that you’re sorted on this one.


For everyone else…


1. What sort of style of song do you want?

Different people want different things – one week we had two weddings, the first dances being Heatwave by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas and At Last My Love Has Come by Etta James. Very different songs – very different outcomes!

When listening to the music have a think about what you’re wanting from the dance – do you want other people to join you on the dance floor half way through?

Do you want something slow to have a cuddle to, or something quicker to shake a leg at?

Is there a good ‘hair on the back of the neck’ style moment that’s guaranteed to make all the bridesmaids cry? These things are all good questions to consider while you’re making your choices.

Of course if you’re feeling really adventurous you can always speak to the band who are playing and see if they can cater your song choice to the style you’re after – this can be lots of fun!

We’ve had requests for ballads to be rocky, for heavy rock songs to be ballady and everything in between.


2. How long do you want the song to be?

Seems a very simple question, but its something worth considering – if you’re feeling a bit insecure with everyone watching you treading on each others feet maybe it’s a good idea to go for a short song, or ask the band to cut a verse or two.

If you’re loving the limelight why not go for the epic 7-minute jam version (we don’t actually recommend this…)?

Also worth considering is if in the recording there is a big muso self-indulgent solo / atmospheric bit. No one knows what to do in those bits, including the band. Steer clear!


3. Make it a bit unique and original!

More often than not when speaking to people about first dances the comment comes up of ‘oh we can’t do that cos Jim & Kate had it as their first dance’ or something similar.

It seems there is a big need to come up with something a bit different and unique that no one else would have thought of.

Firstly I’d say relax, no one will really notice! But secondly if you’re really stuck why not look around for inspiration?

Did love blossom while watching a particular TV program? Well why not have your first dance as the theme tune?

(For example we recently did the Home and Away Theme Tune – went down an absolute storm!) If your hands first touched in a club while at university why not get some cheese on the go and make everyone laugh.

If you met one wet afternoon in a lift why not 3 minutes of muzac to get everyone going?

Ok the last one might be a step too far – but you get my drift… Look in places you might not consider for inspiration – you’ll be shocked how much music there is out there when you try to find it


4. Do you want a recording of the song or to get your band to play it for you?

You knew at some point there would be a little plug for booking a live band and obviously in particular us – but I’ll try to keep it as neutral as possible.

As more and more bands follow our lead and start to offer a service to learn whatever song you want as your first dance this choice is becoming more and more relevant.

Do you want a CD recording to dance to, or would you prefer the band to strike up the song and let you get on with it?

There are pros and cons on either side, CD recording you can practice to and know exactly what you’re going to get, band playing gives a much better atmosphere for example.

A Band can work around you guys and change a song to your exact requirements much better than a CD can, but a CD has a recording of the actual band that recorded it and the version everyone knows.

We personally would recommend getting the band to do it every time – it’s a great moment for the band, the happy couple and the audience and it seems to be a much more pronounced moment when its live rather than recorded.


Thanks to Adam and  the Band for sharing some very useful advice. Now I am sure you will be ready to take your twinkle toes out in public with music you feel comfortable with and which reflects your love and your partnership.


Author Credit: Adam at The One Hit Wonders Band.

The One Hit Wonders are the UK’s Premier Bandeoke Gr​oup and ultimate party band, much more then karaoke but with a backing band

The band comprises of Professional musicians with over 40 years combined experience.

The firmly encourage you to get up on stage and sing your favourite song with the OHW as your backing band.

With around 200 songs available there is something for every taste and every age. If your favourite isn’t available then it can be requested and the band will learn it for you.


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